Raul Järg


Raul is the manager of Estonian Centre of Architecture. In Tallinn Main Street Project, Raul serves as an expert.
+372 511 2044


Aet Ader


Aet, a remarkable young architect, has won several architecture and city planning competitions, including similar to Tallinn Main Street.


Marek Rannala

mobility expert

Marek has comprehensive experience in mobility and transportation areas, traffic studies and planning.
+372 5330 5500


Tiit Sild

architect, planning expert 

Tiit has served as Head Architect for Tartu city. Having extensive experience in urban planning, Tiit has been involved in several innovative urban projects.
+372 5560 1425


Renee Puusepp

architect, collaborative planning expert

Renee, experienced as an architect and city planner, is responsible for involving stakeholder groups and public in planning of Main Street.
+372 5691 4349

Mari Jüssi

environmental expert 

Mari, with her expertise in environmental issues, has long been involved in mobility and traffic projects, helping develop a more sustainable mobility system in Estonia.


Media requests

Lauri Linnamäe 

Cloud Media Communications
+372 5565 1050

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